Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seven Wants

1. A larger car. 3 rows.

2. To sit a watch The West Wing (our latest TV show addiction) for hours with the hubby.

3. To meet baby Teddy.

4. Chocolate chip cookies or cherry pie. Either will do ;)

5. For Charlie to learn to say please...the grunting is getting old. She is starting to say something that resembles "please" so we're headed in the right direction!

6. The Euro Trip Jordan and I have talked about since we got married... sans kids (we'll drop them in Denver and hope at least one set of grandparents will take them in;).

7. To meet my newest nephew Harrison ... Hopefully right after the New Year!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

8 Fears

1. Heights. This has been a new development in adulthood. Makes me feel queasy.

2. Anything bad happening to Charlie. I just don't let my mind go there.

3. The deep ocean. We once watched the Planet Earth series on the dark ocean and it freaked me out. I know those are all God's creatures down there, but they scare me.

4. Being a momma to two kids under 1 1/2. I just hope I can keep it cool. I keep repeating, "Keep Calm and Carry on"

5. A burglary. My family was burglarized when I was little and it was a traumatizing experience for me (we came home from church while the burglar was still there.) So, I have always been freaked out about the thought of it happening again.

6. Over-baking cookies. Uggg. It's the worst.

7. Not making the right decisions for my kids. As a first-time momma, I find myself constantly second guessing if I am doing the right things. I think most of us feel that way, yeah?

8. Here's a totally honest one. I fear feeling inadequate. Most days I don't feel that way but there are some, we all have them, when you don't feel you've been a good enough wife, or mother, or friend, or daughter. You just have to love yourself through it and be better next time!

Nine Loves

1. This guy. I love him. He is my main squeeze, my right-hand, my biggest supporter. It goes without saying that I love Charlie and Teddy too, but it all started with Jordie.

2. Baked goods. Oh dear. This is including but not limited to cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, bread, croissants, and muffins.

3. Fall. Love the cooler weather, the earthy colors, the cozy feeling.

4. Colorado. I have such a huge sense of pride when it comes from being from CO. I love it because it's beautiful in an indescribable way, most of our family lives there, and it's just plain cool. No matter where we live, I will always consider it "home base".

5. This football-shaped platter. I bought it in college for $2.00 and have used it every year since then. At the time I bought it and made spinach dip with a sourdough bread bowl and totally WOW'ed Jordan and his housemates. It was not hard to impress that bunch with my mad cooking skills.
6. A freshly bathed and pajama'ed baby.

7. Having things to look forward to. Daily, monthly, yearly. A brownie for dessert, a visit from Grandparents, a baby, a trip next summer...keeps life fun!

8. Musicals. I know, dorky. I love musical theatre and don't go to shows nearly enough.

9. Pedicures. Hope to get one before Teddy's arrival. Lord knows, I have not been painting my poor toes in a while.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And We've got Ourselves a Belly

Here's a picture of the naked 38 week belly I'm working on. It's growing by the minute.
{My hand is covering the wonderful stretch marks on my side, but notice the little one a few inches below my belly button, that's a new addition, thanks Teddy!}

My apologies for the non-stop posts about babies and bellies etc...Honestly, it consumes our daily life. Right now, especially, all that's on my mind is preparation for Teddy's arrival and how best to make this an easy transition for all parties involved ;)

I am in mid-renovation of Charlie's room and am LOVING where it's headed. Here is a sneak peek!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

She may be my child?

Jordan and I were looking through old pictures last night and I came across this one and thought, hmmmmm, maybe she does look a little like me? This is one of my favorite pictures of my brother and I :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

In the meantime..

I am working on my Nine Loves and Eight Fears, etc...in the meantime, here are some new pictures of the family! Enjoy.
Love her face.
She's looking a bit "Bon Jovi" lately ;)
Getting very close ~ C-Section scheduled for Oct. 1st, 2011!