Monday, July 27, 2009

Bachelorette Night! SPOILER ALERT

Anabel, Gabrielle, Sheri, Darlene - All my co-workers - we had so much fun being girly-girls tonight!
Gabrielle wanted us to write our picks on our brownies - This one was mine.

So happy for Jilly!! And for me for picking the right guy - i knew it from the beginning - I have Bachelorette intuition!
Anabel's precious child Alejandro (Alex)
One of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Jordan and I got to take a short trip to CO a couple weeks ago - it is always bittersweet, going home, because it is never enough time to see everyone we want to and and it never feels like we get enough time with any one person - So, our apologies to those we could not connect with, but CO will always be home and it is never too long before we plan a trip back!

We went straight to the RIO to meet up with these two beauties!! LoVe THEM!

Jordan humored the Blackhams by going to see our favorite family musical, Big River. If you ever have the chance, you should see it - great music, great story. Jordan really had a blast too!

We went to Ben's last swim class - can't wait to see his "ice cream scoops" in Mexico :)

Me and Maxwell goofing off

and of course we had to have one with uncle Jordan

...and one with the sunglasses...

...and one with the "pickle".

My mama's pretty flowers!

The new front planters my folks made! LOVE IT!

Me and my beautiful mama!

Jordan and his buddy Bandit.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Fun

Ryan and Jordan at the start of the parade in Prescott - Luckily we have great friends who were there at 5:30 am to get us front row seats under a tent!! A place for sweet treats we intend on trying on our anniversary on wed.!
"The Wild Women of the West"One of many rodeo Queens and CourtThe hysterical "Pooper Scoopers" - there were four or five groups all with different themes - SO FUNNY! The golfing pooper-scoopers

This group is harder to see but they were Dorothy, the Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow
Gladiator pooper scoopers

I love me some bagpipes.
Burnie the Sundog of course had to embarrass us because we were familiar faces in the crowd
Ryan and Burnie
The sundog entry - marco and donna in the car and random people on the horse and on the back of the car

The sundog racecar I'm not that into old farm equipment but I know many members of the fam that will like this!I took pictures of everything that walked by but then got to talking with Kristin and missed JOHN MCAIN - Whoops!

The other "Wild Women of the West"

Jordan and I having a lovely 4th of July!

After the parade there is a huge art fair at the square as well as the annual Boot Race! All it is is people sprinting in cowboy boots - it got pretty intense during some of the heats - but was totally enjoyable watching people do this!
After the parade and art fair we were invited over to Kristin's Aunt Janice and Uncle Jay's house for a bbq and s'mores!!!! YES!! Glow stick mustaches :)
Me and my buddy

Jordan and his buddy

...and of course FIREWORKS!!!