Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bun in the Oven

Now that Whitney has made it blog-official I can announce that THEY ARE PREGGERS!!!

The news of their pregnancy is such a huge blessing to our family and an answered prayer for so many people. It is also a fantastic reminder to remain faithful to the desires of your heart and to Him who gives life. I will continue to pray for dear friends that desire children and ask that their hearts would be made patient.

That is one lucky baby, to have Jody and Whitney to call Mama and Daddy! We are overjoyed for you and so excited to welcome the newest member of the ever-growing Duvall Family!

ETA - August 10th (ish)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

6 months stats

Well, hello there!
She's a curious little bugger!
She's trying desperately to crawl...almost there!
I do this because I am the Mom and I can. :)
The day I've dreamed about forever... a baby with a bow! (Her first non-headband bow)
Nothing in the world sweeter than a sleeping, skinny-jeaned angel.

6 month appointment went very well. Here are the stats:
14.14 lbs. = 25th percentile
26 3/4 in. = 75th percentile
IQ= at least 100, but it's really hard to gauge this young ;)

Her head is rather flat on one side, but the doctor assured me that it'll be okay, and she won't think I'm a bad mother if I don't get the $3,000 helmet! These days Charlie is:

*Almost sleeping through the night! (She wakes up at 3am and I let her cry for about 15 min. until she goes back to sleep)

* Rolling, rolling, rolling

*Nearly crawling, but mostly just scooting backwards

*Being Grabby McGraberton, she grabbed my glasses right off of my face this morning!

*Eating 2nd foods at night with formula throughout the day. So that includes baby food that combines more than one food (mixed veggies, garden veggies, apple/pear) I still have not fed her fruits, b/c if she has her mama's sweet tooth, we'll be in trouble!

* Very vocal! Jordan would like for me to tell you she's saying Daddy, but she's not! It just sounds like it!

She seems to be developing right on track which makes a mama happy. Her shots were not that bad, just the initial shock of the pricks and then a little red-faced screaming...and then a nap! That is about all that's going on here at the Duvall Ranch! Have a good weekend EVERYONE!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/2 Birthday

At an attempt to begin a tradition, we are celebrating Charlie's 1/2 birthday today! I made a half-birthday cake, and when she is old enough to request a special dinner, I will oblige! For now, she gets green beans, and Jordan and I get CAKE! It will just be a fun thing to break up the monotony of everyday life ... mostly I just like CAKE.