Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are you there?

1. Date night while Jordan's parents were visiting...Happy hour, Cheesecake Factory, Movie. Bliss. The red floral headpiece I wore was awesome too.
2. Charlie got dressed up to take lunch to Daddy...the first article of clothing she's ever refused to take off.
3. First morning wagon walk we've been able to take in 4 months!
4. Charlie's friend Katie sweetly riding the carousel at the mall.
5. Charlie watching Katie sweetly ride said carousel because she could not get herself together. Worst tantrum EVER.
6. Precious.
7. If you could only hear the crazy cackle coming out of her mouth.
8. Kid loves pineapple, and ravioli, and well everything except Swiss cheese.

I have successfully not blogged in 2 months. Go me.  I have been caught in the tricky Blog vs. Post-Everything-on-Facebook dilemma... I don't want to over share on Facebook, but it's much easier  and quicker to use it. Booooooo.  But for the sake of keeping an "online scrapbook" for myself and my fam, I will try to post more regularly. My next post will feature current stats on the kiddos because it's been a while!