Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bob and Dana

Last weekend our friends Bob and Dana drove over from Lake Havasu City to visit us!! We were so excited to see them even though it was a very short trip. They joined me for the hockey game and then we hung our with some of our Prescott friends. The next day Jordan and Bob went golfing while Dana and I went SHOPPING! It was so fun to take a no-pressure shopping trip with Dana and we spent a couple hours at Costco just walking up and down the isles just taking our sweet time...Thanks again you two for taking the time to come see us - We love and will be visiting soon!

Total Request Live -or- TRL

After 10 years, MTV is saying goodbye to their show Total Request Live... I LOVED this show all throughout my adolescence and tonight I am feeling a little old. There were summers that I would plan my afternoon around TRL and I think I cried when Carson Daly left the show. Although I have not watched TRL regularly in years, I will be sad knowing it isn't there :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

A trip to Phoenix...

...and this may or may not have been the reason :)

We have had a wonderful weekend full of hockey, work, friends, fun and to top it off we both had Monday off! We woke up and decided to take a little day trip to Phoenix to see if we could find Steve Nash...and eat Chipotle. Phoenix is only about 1 1/2 hours from Prescott Valley and has some good shopping also. In case anyone forgot, I will be celebrating my 24th b-day THIS MONTH so, we went and did a little window shopping. We did not find Steve Nash.
After you get out of Prescott Valley there are catus' or cacti or whatever the plural is...They are everywhere and I find it really fascinating. They cover the foothills like the pine and spruce that I am used to in CO. Super neat! It finally has gotten chilly here in Prescott Valley so it's beginning to feel like Fall. I have to admit that I am really missing the true Fall season that only CO can offer. Only a couple weeks until my family is coming to visit and as you can imagine, Jordan and I are VERY excited!
Here's Jordan making use of our space-age dustpan contraption - Thanks again Jessie! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


This Duvall household is very excited for a few reasons:
1.) Tomorrow is Election Day - GO VOTE GO VOTE GO VOTE GO VOTE

2.) Nuggets traded Allen Iverson for Chauncey Billups! While we love AI, and Chauncey was a CU Buff, it will be a good move for the Nuggs!!!!!

3.) Melo shaved his corn-rows!!!!!!!!!


I don't know about the rest of you but this Kristen Wigg is cracking me up lately. She was hilarious in Knocked Up and has me in tears every Saturday night during SNL...LOVE HER!


I made tasty Halloween cupcakes for work and that's about the extent of my Halloween! Jordan made his return to Amarillo for that weekend so I was flying solo. I was certain I wasn't going to have any trick-or-treaters (the third story apt. and all) but alas, 10:30 pm rolls around and I get a little knock on the door...Luckily my boss had sent us all home with candy otherwise I would have had to give her a can of tuna or something. Anywho, pretty uneventful weekend.