Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Ride

We decided to trade in our Jeep (money pit) for a budget-friendly and gas-friendly '05 Spectra. Jordan is referring to it as his R.C. car.
Change is good!

Surprise party

Donna and Jenny
Donna and sleepy Eden

Kristin and Claudia

You know us

Me and Claudia singing a duet

The party people

Leanne, the birthday girl

Jordan and I were invited to a surprise party for Leanne, the owner and spin instructor at Anytime Fitness...it was the first surprise party that Jordan has been to and he really delivered a big "SUR-PRISE!!" for Leanne ... it was pretty funny... then we headed to another friends house for some more bbq and Rockband. I forgot to take more pictures after the first party, but believe me, there was lots of karaoke fun being had and Jordan may have injured his wrist playing the drums all night. Hope you had a great weekend also!!!


Anabel (julian and alex) Me, Gabrielle, Jovanna, and Sheri

Last week I got ot go dinner with my favorite Wells Fargo people...we all used to work in the same branch but now we are all split up :(