Sunday, September 28, 2008

Progress in the Apt.

Jordan and I have had lovely weekend filled with food, friends, and Costco! The Sundogs have entered teams into a few golf tournaments the last couple of weeks and Jordan has been taking Marco's (the coach) spot on the team ... Jordan has a really rough life! The upside of this is that he is winning gift certificates to nice restaurants around town, movies, etc... So, on Friday night we tried out the Gurley Street Grill in downtown Prescott. It was super yummy and a great and inexpensive way to get to know the town! Saturday night we had tickets to Rage in the Cage along with some of his co-workers. So we had them over beforehand and then invited them over afterwards for some more fun! It was nice to have people over and we were glad because Wallace was very well behaved ;) Today we set up our Costco membership! That is always very exciting for me, not as much for Jordan! All we ended up with today was chicken and Q-tips. Here are some pictures of the progress being made in our apartment- Enjoy!This is more space than we've ever had, so we are finding that we need a couple major pieces of funiture and a few minor pieces...but in due time we will collect them! For, now our things will work just fine! Hope you ahve a great start to your week...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It seems as though September and March are the big birthday months for my loved ones and to follow Whitney's lead i am going to wish all september babies--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Three of my very favorite people on the planet have had birthdays this month. So, to Rachel, Lindsey, and Whitney ------------Hope your birthday month has been awesome !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Proud new owners

of a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee! Complete with a Sundogs sticker too! Last Saturday was the most expensive day in our marital history, what with the purchase of a car, and various house items...We both came home and felt a little nauseous. We're okay now and are glad for our new vehicle!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A tiny bit like Wingers

Jordan and I (and much of the Duvall Clan) have had the pleasure of eating at Wingers, a wing joint only located in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming - We found a wing that is almost as tasty! Shanghai Boneless Wings on the appetizer menu at Chilis - Although these are not in any way a replica, they are certainly similar!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tales from the Third Floor

Howdy Folks! We are safe and sound in Prescott Valley, AZ! Jordan and I are still in the process of making home and are very excited about the apartment and area and everything really. Everyone, and I mean everyone has been incredibly helpful and welcoming. As they've said several times, we are now part of the Sundog Family! The only bad part is that we live on the THIRD STORY - It's really not that bad - but thank goodness Bob (of Bob and Dana ) decided to come and help us unload! The first two pics are from our travels getting to Prescott Valley-
Dad- We thought of you when we drove through Las Vegas, NM and saw this Cardinal!Our Nemesis.
Living room out to the balcony.

Spacious kitchen.
Master Bathroom w/ Jack and Jill sinks and lots of space!The JAck and Jill
Wallace enjoying his balcony.
Laundry Saloon - minus the saloon doors
Around the complex.
View from front of complex.
more views...

It is so hard to get the feel of a place in pictures so when we get things together in here we are going to take a video and post it here so you can really see things! Hope you enjoy the pics and I will post more soon - Love you all.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

On the road again...

I finished up my last day of work in CO yesterday (P.S. I got a transfer - so no delay in work when we get there! YAY!).

We enjoyed seeing our nephews last night , Jessie and Andrew too:)
Today we are getting together with my family, gail and lindsey, and the duvalls for a dinner date! Then tomorrow we load our life onto a truck and head out on Monday! We are super excited about this move and have the usual nerves as well! I will surely take pics along the way and once we get there so everyone can see where we're at.... LOVE YOU ALL, Becca

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rocky Mt Showdown 2008

Brian preparing his famous hotwings - SO GOOD!

Seth and Jordan playing cornhole - No, it's not CU colors it was Steelers Colors

Shelley, Seth and Jordan as we sang our fight song!

Rocky Mountain Showdown - Always fun, almost always depressing. Yesterday was no exception. Our friends Seth and Holly invited us over to their house to watch the big game - Also, Brian and my roommate from college, Shelley came down from Fort Collins to join in the festivities! We ate TONS of food, cried many tears and played cornhole all afternoon. It was so good to spend time with our old friends and reminisce about Showdowns of the past and hope for better Showdowns in the future - FOREVER GREEN AND GOLD!

Over the Hill and through the Woods....

...To Obama's Acceptance Speech we go! Last Thursday we set out at about 12:30 to get to Barack's speech at Invesco Field. Long story short, we wound and wound through a sea of people and finally entered the stadium at 7:00 pm. It was well worth the long day of standing in line to see such an amazing event! Here are some pics from our epic journey :

Raclette Party

A few weekends ago my Aunt Gail invited us over for a Raclette and Wine party - If you don't know what Raclette is you can read more about it here
Or I could tell you about it here ---- You basically grill yummy veggies and meat (we used salami, proscutio, asparagus, pearl onions, gherkins, small pieces of bread, olives, zucchini etc...) and then below the grill is where you melt your cheese . Once the goodies are grilled and the cheese is melted you cover whatever you grilled with gooey cheese!!! It is sort of a twist on fondue. We had a great time and just about had to be rolled back out to our cars because we were so stuffed! Thanks Auntie Gail for being such a wonderful hostess and thank you Linds, for your cheese expertise :)