Saturday, August 23, 2008


Welcome to the new and improved blog of Becca Duvall! After two years of marriage, it was time to change the blog address to reflect my married name. So you are now at

This blog is designed to keep our family connected while we spread our little wings all over the country. My husband and I, with our dog Wallace, are so blessed that we have people who care enough, or are curious enough to come read about us - So, thanks for stopping by and making us feel good ;)

Familiar Post?

We are moving...To Arizona!

For those of you who haven't followed this blog regularly I'll explain... My husband is a radio play-by-play broadcaster and since we've been married we have joined hockey teams in Helena, MT and Amarillo, TX. While both locations were vital for the development of his career, we knew we would not put deep roots down there. Fortunately, Jordan is pretty good at what he does (yes, I'm heavily biased) and has been able to work his way up to better situations.

Long story short, Jordan was offered a broadcasting job for the Arizona Sundogs in Prescott Valley, AZ and we have accepted! It has been about a month and a half in the making, so I had to keep quiet until it was a done deal! We are extremely excited for a variety of reasons but mostly because this is the sort of place and team that we could stay for a while and really invest in. They are the reigning Central Hockey League Champs and have a lot of good things going for them...Plus we'll be living closer to my brother, Todd and also our friends, Bob and Dana. Thanks for letting me share all that and we'll surley post about our adventures in the southwest.