Monday, April 27, 2009

Same Old

I love it when flowers are on sale! I bought two bundles of Gladiolas for $2.99 ! ...and voila...gorgeous!

Hhhhmmm. What's been going on lately? Well, Jordan recently competed in his first golf tournament of the year and Team Sundogs thoroughly worked all the other teams in the greater Prescott area :) I really don't mind the golfing thing A.) because it usually happens while I'm working anyway and B.) he usually brings home some sweet prizes. For instance, he won $75 to the golf club (which means less of our money spent on golfy things) and in the raffle he won a cooler! *Sidenote* I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but coolers are expensive - I saw a small cooler the other day on sale for $35.00! Maybe I'm a cheapo, but I was shocked. Needless to say I was very excited about the cooler.*End Sidenote*

This coming weekend I am going on a shopping extravaganza - sort of. The ladies I work with and myself are getting our quarterly bonuses this week and they all wanted to go on a shopping extravaganza!! The ladies I work with sure can shop. I will not be doing the kind of shopping they are but it is always a great time when hanging with them! I find myself very fortunate to truly like all the people I work with and am very excited to do girly things this weekend!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My Granny (my Dad's mom) had a tin full of old buttons that she had collected and when she passed away, my folks ended up with that tin. While trying to get creative in decorating our new home, I thought I would frame some of those buttons! My little craft turned out pretty good and to me, it's better than just having them laying in a drawer.

One button is monogrammed with my Papa's initials, one has a Scottish thistle, one may have been from my Papa's army uniform (I'm not for sure on that one) others are just plain...Here are some pictures:

Our Home

Living room - master bedroom is through the open door
Dining room that looks out on the back yard - kitchen to right

living room with Jordan - kitchen behind Jordan


Master bathroom

Big closet!!!

Wallace's back yard

Guest bathroom

Here are some more pics of our new pad...there are two more small rooms but they are not ready to have pics taken yet ;) We are loving the space and I am especially loving the big kitchen and the washer and dryer that work after one cycle! Our housing development has a great community center that has an awesome gym, b-ball courts, tennis courts, volleyball pits, pool (opens May 5th!), hot tub, sauna, bbq, wifi, etc. WE LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Heart Los Angeles

The Hollywood sign from Griffith Observatory
Grauman's Theatre at Hollywood Blvd. & Highland

Can you tell who my favorite was?
Everything else was wax, but Sly Stallone was real. We even caught him singing along to Rhianna!

Todd took us to Malibu for some fresh seafood...mmmmmmm....
The easter bunny even found us in L.A. !!

This last weekend we had the most wonderful mini-vacation to Los Angeles and then a quick stop in Lake Havasu. Todd was a great tour guide, taking us to all the touristy hot-spots and letting us hang with his crew! We hit the Hollywood museum trifecta (Ripley's Believe it or Not, Guinness World Records, and my fav the Wax Museum)... We also took a trip to Malibu, checked out Griffith's Observatory, Grauman's Theatre, Kodak Theatre, ate sushi, and had our minds blown at Magic Mountain!!! There was not enough time to see all that Los Angeles has to offer - we will have to make a second summer trip for sure. Although there are a lot of crazies in L.A. I absolutely loved it and am thankful that we only live about six hours away from my brother.

We also stopped on our way home to visit our good friends Bob and Dana. While Jordan and Bob golfed, Dana and I had a relaxing girl's day spent getting pedis and laying by the pool! It is already about 90 degrees in Havasu so we were glad to get back to Prescott Valley where it is much cooler . Hope you all had a great Easter weekend !!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

As many of you know, Jordan and I recently had the opportunity to move into a three-bedroom house !!! We count this as a huge blessing and something we've hoped for for a while... The Sundogs really came through and even provided movers ! We have a backyard for Wallace, a large kitchen, 2 car garage, access to a super nice community center, and lots more! More pics to come, but we are fixin' to head to Los Angeles in the morning to visit Todd!!!!!