Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Jordan in his new Nuggets t-shirt !!

Becky, Shane
Kristin, Becky, Me

Shane, Jordan, Ryan
Jordan, Me, Kristin
Last weekend was Birthday Weekend for my family! It was my pops birthday on Friday and then Jordan and My mom's birthday on Saturday! To celebrate Jordan's birthday we went with our friends to sushi at Monsoon and then out for a couple drinks at the Prescott Brewing Company, and in bed by 11:30!!!... of course we also had Jordan's favorite treat, black-bottom cupcakes! It was a really great weekend and we also squeezed in two softball games, and a showing of I Love You, Man --- SO FUNNY!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hockey, Jigsaw, Kiwi

Nothing too terribly exciting has been going on here in Prescott Valley. We are fixin' for the hockey season to be over soon, an unfortunately short season.
Jordan and I have been working on our first-ever jigsaw puzzle together and has been a fun way to spend time together other than watching TV :)
I also made some yummy kiwi cookie tarts as a favor to one of Jordan's co-workers...She is entering the recipe in a contest and wanted to make sure the directions could be followed... I am always up for being the guinea pig!
Also, we are trying to plan a trip in April out to Lake Havasu and then LA to visit our friends Bob and Dana and Todd!!! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of Spring !

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday Jordan, Wallace,and I took an afternoon trip to a little town called Jerome. It's an old mining town located about forty-five minutes away from Prescott Valley. Jerome is apparently haunted and is known for it's fancy restaurant called the Asylum. We weren't up for a fancy lunch so we settled and ate at the Haunted Hamburger. It was an absolutely lovely afternoon and we also looked around at some of the really neat shops they have.

Anyone who knows Jordan knows that he is very competitive... along the mainsteet in Jerome they have a place to throw change into various barrels. He spent my entire change purse trying to get one in the bucket. He didn't end up winning but we did support the historical society!