Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Charlie's 2nd birthday consisted of the following:

1. Homemade beanbags and a banner from her mama.
2. A sleepy brother.
3. Daddy assembling __________.
4. Frosting from the Tupperware.
5. A delicious lollipop.
6. An emergency bubble bath after said lollipop.
7. Trip to the greatest place on Earth,  Chick-fil-a.
8. Snickerdoodle cupcake with whipped cream cheese frosting. She did not care for it, cake is not her thing.She would rather have a "Cuppa cheeps?" (couple chips)
9. So many kind wishes, presents, and spoiling by lots of friends and family!

I will spare you my sappy thoughts for now on what the last two years have meant, except to say that Charlie has changed the entire scope of Jordan and my life.  She is my biggest daily challenge, yet my absolute greatest source of joy.  She is every cliche thing parents say about their children, and I thank Jesus every day that He not only blessed us with a child, but blessed 
us with Charlie


Grammie said...

Well said, mama.

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